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Little Daruma and Little Tengu - Daruma-chan to Tengu-chan


Children's books

I like children’s picture books (ehon). I enjoyed reading them when I was little and I still enjoy them very much. Since children’s books are usually written in hiragana, I think they are great material to learn Japanese reading and writing from. There are so many books that I like. I will be introducing a book once in a while in my blog. "Daruma-chan to tengu-chan" by Satoshi Kako is one of my all time favorites. The two very Japanese characters, daruma-chan and tengu-chan are cute and humorous. I found out there is an English version available ("Little Daruma and Little Tengu"). I am curious to know how this story is translated into English.

Japanese Translation



Note: The translation is not always literal.

Beginner's Phrases

Children’s books are usually written in hiragana.

  • Kodomo no hon wa futsuu hiragana de kakareteimasu.

  • こどもの ほんは ふつう ひらがなで かかれています。

  • 子供の本は普通ひらがなで書かれています。

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"Kakareru" is a passive form of the verb "kaku (to write)."

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