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Craving Japanese Sweets


Craving Japanese sweets

I crave Japanese sweets once in a while. Since I grew up eating them, I even have a nostalgic feeling for them. I made "daifuku" today, which is made from rice flour stuffed with anko (red bean paste). They were very yummy! You can also put strawberries inside of anko and make "ichigo daifuku". There are several other varieties of daifuku. It is funny, when I am in Japan, I never think about making Japanese sweets at home, because they are available everywhere and quite reasonably priced, too.

Japanese Translation



Note: The translation is not always literal.

Beginner's Phrases

I crave Japanese sweets once in a while.

  • Watashi wa tokidoki wagashi ga totemo tabetaku narimasu.

  • わたしは ときどき わがしが とても たべたくなります。

  • 私は時々和菓子がとても食べたくなります。

Learn More

"Wa (和)" is a noun-prefix, which indicates "Japanese." The noun-prefix "you (洋)" indicates "Western."

  • 和菓子 wagashi (Japanese sweets)  –  洋菓子 yougashi (Western sweets)
  • 和食 washoku (Japanese food)  –   洋食 youshoku (Western foods)
  • 和室 washitsu (Japanese style room)  –  洋室 youshitsu (Western style room)
  • 和服 wafuku (Japanese clothes)  –  洋服 youfuku (Western clothes)

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