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It has been weird weather lately. It was very warm and felt almost like summer, then it snowed a week later. The Japanese have a word for the varying weather this time of the year. "Sankan-shion" basically means three days cold and four days warm. It is one of the "yoji-jukugo," which are idiomatic expressions made up of four kanji characters. I don’t mind winter and I even like bundling up with a warm coat and a scarf in chilly weather. However, I now miss colorful light spring clothing and I am looking forward to wearing it sometime soon.

Japanese Translation



Note: The translation is not always literal.

Beginner's Phrases

It snowed a week later.

  • Isshuukango ni yuki ga furimashita.

  • いっしゅうかんごに ゆきが ふりました。

  • 一週間後に雪が降りました。

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