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Popularity of Figure Skating


Popularity of Figure Skating

I went ice-skating the other day. I have been to an outside skate rink only once in Japan. I don’t remember if the area was cold enough to have an outside rink, so it might have been artificial. However, I still remember the great feeling I had from skating under the sky. Skating at Rockefeller Center in New York always looks nice. I am not sure if skating is a popular participation sport in Japan, but watching figure skating is very popular. Japan has had some good figure skaters lately. Shizuka Arakawa won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in women’s singles in 2006. Mao Asada is the 2008 World champion and is expected to win a medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. When I am on the ice I can’t imagine jumping high, holding all kinds of postures and still being graceful. I am sure it requires a lot of practice, patience, and a strong mind.

Japanese Translation



Note: The translation is not always literal.

Beginner's Phrases

I have been to an outside skate rink only once in Japan.

  • Watashi wa okugai sukeeto rinku niwa, ichido dake nihon de itta koto ga arimasu.

  • わたしは おくがいすけーとりんくには、いちどだけ にほんで いったことがあります。

  • 私は屋外スケートリンクには、一度だけ日本で行ったことがあります。

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The past tense + "~ koto ga aru" expresses one’s experience.

  • 相撲を見たことがあります。 (I have seen sumo before.)

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