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Graduation Season - Sotsugyou no Kisetsu


Graduation season

Since the Japanese school year starts in April and ends in March, March is the graduation season. Most Japanese high schools have uniforms and students usually wear them in the graduation ceremony, too. I was always fascinated by the movie scenes in which a girl wears a beautiful dress and is picked up by a boyfriend for the prom. It is something that you never imagine in rather strict Japanese school life. I am not sure if boys are as excited as girls, but I think it is fun to dress up on special occasions.

Japanese Translation



Note: The translation is not always literal.

Beginner's Phrases

The Japanese school year starts in April and ends in March.

  • Nihon no gakki wa shigatsu ni hajimari sangatsu ni owarimasu.

  • にほんの がっきは しがつに はじまり さんがつに おわります。

  • 日本の学期は四月に始まり三月に終わります。

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