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Easter and Chocolate


Easter and Chocolate

Japan has adopted many Western events (Christmas, Valentine's, Halloween etc.), but Easter is still unfamiliar to most Japanese and I too didn't know much about Easter. Easter egg hunting seems to be fun for kids. I noticed that the treats kids get in North America are mainly chocolates. I am not sure if chocolate is as popular for Japanese kids. Maybe it is another culture difference. I know there are many chocoholics out there, but I will choose Japanese sweets over chocolates.

Japanese Translation



Note: The translation is not always literal.

Beginner's Phrases

I didn’t know much about Easter.

  • Watashi wa iisutaa ni tsuite amari yoku shirimasen deshita.
  • わたしは いーすたーに ついて あまり よく しりませんでした。
  • 私はイースターについてあまりよく知りませんでした。

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