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Gifts for White Day


Gifts for White Day

There is a rather strange Japanese custom on March 14th, one-month after Valentine's Day. It is called "White Day" and it is the day that a man who has received a gift from a woman on Valentine's Day gives her a gift in return. I think the idea is very Japanese. By the way, what would be a nice gift for women? According to research, the most popular item on White Day is a necklace. A ring, a handkerchief, a bouquet of flowers and a stuffed animal are among the top five. I guess there is something universal about catching a woman's heart. However, some might be puzzled about a handkerchief being ranked so high, but there are so many beautiful handkerchiefs available in Japan and Japanese women like to collect them.

Japanese Translation



Note: The translation is not always literal.

Beginner's Phrases

There are so many beautiful handkerchiefs available in Japan.

  • Nihon dewa takusanno kireina hankachi ga urareteimasu.
  • にほんでは たくさんの きれいな はんかちが うられています。
  • 日本ではたくさんのきれいなハンカチが売られています。

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"Handkerchief" is usually written in katakana because the word is of foreign origin.

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