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Japanese Language - Reading Practice

My short essays about Japnese daily life or Japanese culture. English and Romaji translations are included for reading practice.

Popular Japanese Baby Names for 2011

The Arrival by Shaun Tan

Steve Jobs and His Black Turtleneck

Natural Disasters and Japan

Gomashio – Sesame Salt

The Japanese Counting Song – Ippon demo Ninjin

Saving Energy for Summer

Kyushu Shinkansen Commercial

Song of Support for Japan, "Yomigaere!" By Man

A New Start - Japan Earthquake

Thank You for Supporting for Japan - Japan Earthquake

Pray For Japan - Japan Earthquake

Learning Through Japanese Anime

Sumo Match-Fixing Scandal - Yaocho

The Year of the Rabbit - Usagidoshi

The Setsubun and Ogre's Song - Oni no Pantsu

Gifts from "Tiger Mask (Japanese Comic Heroes)"

KFC for Christmas

"Christmas Eve" by Tatsuro Yamashita

Japanese Folk Tales – Nihon Mukashi Banashi

Autumn Leaves in Japan - Momiji

Haneda Airport's New International Terminal

Onigiri – Rice Balls

"Japan Quiz" Starts!

Tsukimi – Moon Viewing

Kuku – Memorizing Multiplication Tables

Kawaisouna Zou - Faithful Elephants

Soumen – The Best Summer Food In Japan

Goldfish scooping is a popular game in which a player scoops goldfish with a...

Tanabata - The Star Festival

Shirotori - Japanese Word Game

National Flags of the World - Sekai no Kokki

The 2010 World Cup - Ganbare Nippon!

From Waiko at Meguro – A Japanese Blog

Gogatsu byou – May Sickness

Kashiwamochi – Japanese Sweet for Children's Day

Popular Destinations During Golden Week

Making Sushi in Space

Cherry Blossoms and a New Start

Thank You For Sharing Your Motivation For Learning Japanese

Motivation for Learning a Language

Learning Kanji

Doodle for Google, Japanese Winner

Chinese New Year

Bean-Throwing on Setsubun

Exams, Superstitions and Kit Kat Bars

The Year of the Tiger

Happy New Year

Popular Japanese Baby Names for 2009

The Nutcracker - Kurumiwari Ningyou

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen

President Obama's Speech in Japan

Reading "1Q84" by Haruki Murakami

Aki no Mikaku – Autumn Taste

My Last Name - Japanese Surname

Learning Katakana

Field Day - Undoukai

Sweet Potato Picking – Imohori

Taiyaki – Fish Shaped Snack

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Second Term in the Japanese School Year

The Japanese and Bikes

Cats in Japan

The Color of the Wall

Total Eclipse in Japan

Japanese Emperor's Visit to Canada

Japanese and Moving

Barely Tea – Mugicha

Memorial Day for My Grandmother - Sobo no Meinichi

Rainy Seasons - Tsuyu

Japanese Tongue Twisters
Many languages have their own tongue twisters.

Learning Hiragana

Golden Week

A Story From My Childhood

April fools in Japan

Graduation Song

Shunbun no hi
March 20st is "Shunbun no hi (Vernal Equinox Day)." It is designated as a national holiday in Japan.

Yukidaruma - Japanese Snowman

Valentine's Day in Japan

Bean-Throwing on Setsubun

"Okuribito" Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film

Obama City in Japan

Seijin no Hi - Things that you can do when you turn 20

Happy New Year - Akemashite Omedetou

The Beauty of Snow - Yuki no Utsukushisa

Popular Japanese Baby Names for 2008

Shiwasu – December

The Game of the Life - Jinsei Geemu

Popular Sports in Japan


What Frustrates Foreigners Most in Japan

Halloween in Japan

Nihonjin no saabisu seishin

Asahiyama Zoo

Mushi no koe


Summer Vacation Homework

The Origin of "Peeman"

Kawaisouna zou

Beijing Olympics

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

Radio Exercises

Doyo ushi no hi

About Japanese teeth

Tobacco vending machine

Bathroom Slippers

Word of the Day Email Course Starts!



Children's books

Craving Japanese sweets

Danjiri Festival

Mother's Day

Pin the Tail on the Donkey


Popularity of figure skating


The Japanese and cherry blossoms

Graduation season

Easter and Chocolate

Gifts for White Day

Japan and the world map


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Barentain no omoide

Tsukihi no tasu nowa hayai desu ne

Motto Supeingo ga hanasereba yokatta noni

Seijin no hi to Kimono

New Year's wishes


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