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Japanese Pronunciation

These lessons with sound files and Japanese radio programs will help your pronunciation and comprehension skills.

Free Japanese Language Videos
Here is a list of free instructional Japanese language videos to improve your comprehension. There is also a variety of free Japanese audio files available on my "Japanese Listening Practice" page.

Japanese Pronunciation

How to Pronunce Hiragana - Hiragana Audio

How to Pronounce Katakana - Katakana Audio

How to pronounce the Japanese "r"

How to pronounce the Japanese "f"

Which syllables to stress in Japanese words?

Lessons with Sound Files
Listening to sound files is good practice for your pronunciation. Use them on a regular basis to improve your speech.

The Sounds of Japanese
Japanese has an open-syllable sound pattern, meaning that most syllables end in a vowel.

CosCom: Learn Japanese on the web
You can learn Japanese language, conversation, expressions, Hiragana Katakana and Kanji. We have also provided various reading materials on Japan.

Japanese Listening Comprehension Exercises
Listening Comprehension Exercises for both Beginning Level (Conversations)and Intermediate Level (Lecture).

Japanese Online
Each lesson includes a conversational dialog, a translation of the conversation, vocabulary used within the conversation, grammar points, and cultural issues. Vocabulary sound files for your listening practice.

Japanese with Listening
The Japanese Subject Test with Listening evaluates your ability to communicate the Japanese language in a culturally appropriate manner.

JapanesePod101.com has been specifically designed to teach students of Japanese practical and useful Japanese in the most effective way possible.

Japanese Phrases for Travelers
It offers free lessons for travelers to learn useful Japanese phrases and pronunciations.

NHK Radio News
NHK news offers streaming broadcasts, and you can change the speed: slow, normal, fast.

Radio Nippon
An interesting Japanese radio station broadcasting from Canada. Text in English and Japanese.

Yahoo Japan's Headline News
You can watch/listen to video news clips that are about 45 seconds each and replay them as often as you like. The transcripts are also online, and you can print them out to read later.

TTI Online's Japanese Lessons have over 3,000 quick loading Real Audio sound files.

Yomiuri Online
a Japanese news broadcast.

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