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Free Kanji Lessons

Are you interested in kanji? Here you will find some of the thousands of kanji characters from my free online kanji lessons.

The Most Frequently Used Kanji - Part 1
Are you interested in learning Japanese writing? Are you little overwhelmed about kanji, as there are more than a thousand of them? Here is a list of 100 most frequently used kanji in Japanese newspapers.

The Most Frequently Used Kanji - Part 2

Kanji Lessons
Learn how to write kanji with various lessons.

Kanji Land: Learn Japanese Joyo Kanji
Your daily kanji treat! These lessons include stroke order, readings and useful compounds with sound files etc.

Kanji of the Week
Kanji signify meaning, not pronunciation. When you learn the rules of kanji and the meaning of kanji units, kanji can be fun!

Kanji for Tattoos
This is the page for people who are looking for a kanji character for a tattoo. Even if you don't want to have a tattoo, it will help you to find out how to write your name or the words you want to know in kanji.

Kanji Challenge Reading Quiz
Try them to test your knowledge of kanji.

Yoji-Jukugo are idiomatic expressions made up of four kanji characters.

All About Radicals (1)
If you memorize some of the important radicals, they will help you to figure out the meanings of many kanji.

All About Radicals (2)

All About Radicals (3)

50 Popular Kanji (1)
Kanji might be hard to learn, but it is also a fun part of the Japanese language. Here are 50 popular kanji. Find out how to write these words.

50 Popular Kanji (2)
Learn kanji through words you like. There are also sound files to help your pronunciation.

50 Popular Kanji (3)

50 Popular Kanji (4)

50 Popular Kanji (5)

50 Popular Kanji (6)

50 Popular Kanji (7)

50 Popular Kanji (8)

50 Popular Kanji (9)

50 Popular Kanji (10)

50 Popular Kanji (11)
The newest addition!

50 Popular Kanji - Heiwa

50 Popular Kanji - Ryuu
How to write dragon in Japanese kanji symbol

Japanese Kanji for Earthquake - Jishin

Japanese Kanji for Tsunami

The Furiganizer
The Furiganizer is a convenient online reading aid for students of the Japanese language. It adds beautiful and printable Furigana to any Japanese text, learns interactively which Kanji a student already knows, and offers easy access to Jim Breen's fabulous Japanese-English dictionary.

Henshall Kanji Mnemonics
This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan (i.e. 1,006 kanji), as developed by Professor Kenneth Henshall.

JLPT Kanji Project
A resource to aid the learning of Japanese Kanji.

Kanji Clinic
Kanji Clinic is to provide practical advice and inspiration to non-Japanese adults striving to achieve literacy in Japanese by learning the 1,945 general-use kanji.

Kanji Gold
Kanji Gold is a flexible MS Windows(TM) flash card program for learning Japanese Kanji.

Kanji Practice
Kanji Practice is a site which helps learners of Japanese to master reading and writing kanji.

Kanji Writing Tutor

The KANJIDIC file contains comprehensive information about Japanese kanji.

KDrill stands for "Kanji Drill". The free kanji quiz and Japanese dictionary for unix and X window systems.

Outline of Japanese Writing System
Useful information by Jack Halpern.

Omniglot: Kanji
Introduction to kanji.

The Kanji SITE
A detailed guide to hundreds of Japanese kanji. Works even with non-Japanese-capable systems.

Web Japaense: Interactive Kanji Quiz
Try these kanji quizzes with difficulty ratings.

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