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Body Parts

Basic Japanese Vocabulary


Here is the Japanese vocabulary for body parts. Click here to learn expressions to describe health problems. You can also check out my, "Body Part Expressions: Head" to learn expressions including the word, "atama" (head).

Click link to hear the pronunciation.

karada 体 body
atama 頭 head
kami 髪 hair
kao 顔 face
hitai 額 forehead
me 目 eye
mayu 眉 eyebrow
mabuta まぶた eyelid
matusge まつげ eyelash
hana 鼻 nose
mimi 耳 ear
kuchi 口 mouth
kuchibiru 唇 lip
ha 歯 teeth
shita 舌 tongue
nodo のど throat
ago あご jaw
kubi 首 neck
kata 肩 shoulder
ude 腕 arm
hiji ひじ elbow
te 手 hand
yubi 指 finger
tsume 爪 nail
mune 胸 chest
senaka 背中 back
onaka おなか stomach
hiza ひざ knee
ashikubi 足首 ankle
kakato かかと heel
tsumasaki つまさき toe

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