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Japanese Names

This is the page for people who are looking for information about Japanese names.

Japanese Baby Names
Learn about naming conventions and the meanings of Japanese names. There are links to explore thousands of Japanese baby names.

All About Japanese Names
Learn how to write your name in Japanese, look for Japanese baby names, or learn the meaning of Japanese names.

Kanji Names Project
Japanese students wrote English explanations for the meanings of their names.

Japanese Names
Basic information about Japanese names from japan-guide.com.

Japanese Names
Information about family names and given names from Japanorama.

Japanese Baby Names and Meanings
Recent popular Japanese baby names with their characters and meanings.

Japanese Baby Names
Japanese baby names from Baby Name World.

Japanese Boy Names
Japanese boy names from BabyChatter.

Japanese Girl Names
Japanese girl names from BabyChatter.

Japanese Names
Japanese names from Baby Zone.

Trends in Japanese Baby Names
Baby names are like a mirror that reflects the times. Let's have a look at the transitions in popular baby names and recent trends.

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