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Start Learning - Free Japanese Lessons


It is always exciting to start learning a new language, whatever the reasons are. At the same time where to start is often overwhelming. I believe learning a language should be fun. These free japanese language lessons will help you to learn the basics of Japanese and make your learning enjoyable.
  1. Introduction to Japanese
  2. Grammar
  3. Expressions
  4. Useful phrases
  5. Learn Japanese writing
  1. Pronunciation and Comprehension
  2. Dictionaries and translations
  3. Japanese for travelers
  4. Displaying Japanese characters
  5. Fun ways to learn Japanese

Introduction to Japanese

Are you new to Japanese? Familiarize yourself with Japanese and start learning basic vocabulary and phrases here.


Verbs, adjectives, pronouns, particles, and much more. Theses resources offer clear explanations of Japanese grammar.


Learn basic expressions to expand your level of communication.

Useful phrases

Your confidence with Japanese will grow by using these day-to-day phrases.

Learn Japanese writing

There are three types of scripts in Japanese: kanji, hiragana and katakana.

Pronunciation and Comprehension

It is essential to hear a native speaker when practicing pronunciation. These resources include various audio files to help with your self-study.

Dictionaries and translations

Choosing the right words for a translation can be difficult. These resources give you an idea about what kind of a dictionary to get.

Japanese for travelers

If you need quick survival skills for your trip, try these resources. It makes your stay much more fun and interesting when you are able to speak with locals in their language.

Displaying Japanese characters

There are several ways to display Japanese characters depending on your operating system.

Fun ways to learn Japanese

I think the most important thing when learning a language is to enjoy it. You can learn from anything you are interested in.

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