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The Year of the Ox - Ushidoshi

Japanese Zodiac


It is the year of the ox (ushidoshi). Like the astrological zodiac there are all sorts of things which influence individual people. The Japanese believe that people who are born in the same animal year share similar personality and character. People born in the year of the ox are patient, mentally alert and when required to speak are skillful. Click here to check what year you were born in and what kind of personality your animal sign has.

The Japanese word for an ox is "ushi ()" or "oushi (雄牛)". The onomatopoeia for a cow is "moo-moo".

Like the other zodiac animals such as the snake (hebi), horse (uma), rooster (tori) dog (inu) or rat (nezumi), there are many expressions including the word ox.

牛に引かれて善光寺参り (Ushi ni hikarete zenkouji mairi) to be led to do good by some fortuitous occurrence
牛を馬に乗り換える (Ushi o uma ni norikaeru) to be led to do good by some fortuitous occurrence
牛飲馬食 (Gyuuin bashoku) heavy eating and drinking
角を矯めて牛を殺す (Tsuno o tamete ushi o korosu) The solution is worse than the problem. You shouldn't burn a house to roast a pig.
牛耳を執る (Gyuuji o toru) to take the lead; to control
牛は牛づれ馬は馬づれ (Ushi wa ushizure uma wa umazure) Birds of a feather flock together.
鶏口となるも牛後となるなかれ (Keikou to naru mo gyuugo to naru nakare) It is better to be a great noble than a petty monarch.
牛の歩みも千里 (Ushi no ayumi mo senri) Even at a snail’s pace, if you try hard, you will succeed in the end.
牛の一散 (Ushi no issan) somebody who is usually slow but suddenly decides to do something without much thought
牛の小便と親の意見 (Ushi no shouben to oya no iken) too long and not useful or effective

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