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Children's Books

Children's books are are very useful for beginners to practice Japanese writing with.

Ookina Ookina Oimo (The Great Big Potato)
There are various children books that have an "imohori (sweet potato picking)" theme.

Kawaisouna zou
There are quite a few Japanese children books that talk about the war.

Children's books
"Daruma-chan to tengu-chan" by Satoshi Kako is one of my all time favorites.

A great site to search for children’s books, though it is in Japanese.

Yamaneko Honyaku Club: Japanese Children's Books
"Japanese Children's Books" may be of interest to those who are interested in translating Japanese children's books into English or other languages.

Learn from the Story - Niji no tori

Match Girl (Matchi-uri no Shoujo) - Learn from a Story
Stories are a fun resource to help learn a language. I will introduce the story, “Match Girl (Matchi-uri no Shoujo)” .

Match Girl (Matchi-uri no Shoujo) Part 2 - Learn from a Story
A story is a good resource to learn grammar and vocabulary. In this lesson I will introduce "Match Girl (Matchi-uri no Shoujo)" by Hans Christian Andersen, in Japanese.

Warashibe-Chouja – Learn from a Story
Here is another lesson “Learn from a Story”. I will introduce the Japanese folktale, “Warashibe-Chouja (わらしべ長者)”.

Mizuame no Doku – Learn from a Story
This lesson introduces the story called, " Mizuame no Doku." Here is some useful vocabulary from the story.

Daikon ga shiroi wake - Learn from a Story

Learn from a Story - Saru Kani Gassen
This lesson introduces the story called, "Saru kani Gassen." It is one of the most well known Japanese folk tales

Learn from a Story - Ari to Kirigirisu
This lesson introduces the story called, "Ari to Kirigirisu." "Ari" means "ant", "kirigirisu" means "grasshopper".

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