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Irezumi- The Art of Japanese Tattoos

The Japanese tattoo art of Irezumi is rich with tradition. Irezumi tattoos cover a large portion of the body's surface and the stylistic designs have many traditional Japanese motifs.

About: Kanji for Tattoos
This is the page for people who are looking for a kanji character for a tattoo. Even if you don't want to have a tattoo, it will help you to find out how to write your name or the words you want to know in kanji.

An Exhibit on Irezumi
An interesting site.

Japanese Tattoo Artist- Horikoi
A gallery of Horikoi's tattoo art and the profession of the Japanese tattoo artist.

Japanese Tattoo Art and Ukiyo-e
A short history of Japanese tattoo art and the connection with ukiyo-e, the art of Japanese woodblock prints. The article is illustrated with examples of tattoo prints by such ukiyo-e artists as Kuniyoshi or Kunichika.

Japanese Tattooing: The Past and the Present
Gives a comprehensive history of the art of tattooing in Japan.

Tattoo Art Maruyama
A site on contemporary Japanese tattoos with many graphics.

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