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Greetings and Daily Expressions


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Sayonara. - Good-bye.
Greetings and Daily Expressions

"Sayounara (さようなら)" can be also used instead of "sayonara (さよなら)." People do not say "sayonara (さよなら)" when leaving their own home. "Ittekimasu(いってきます)" is normally used. The response to "Ittekimasu (いってきます)" is "Itterasshai (いってらっしゃい)". "Dewa mata (ではまた)" is also often used as "see you later", similar to the English expression.

How about "See you tomorrow"? "Tomorrow" is "ashita (明日)" in Japanese. I think you can guess what the the answer is: "Mata ashita (また明日)".


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