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Displaying Japanese Characters


Is your computer able to display Japanese characters? Do you wish to write Japanese characters with your computer?

There are several ways to display Japanese characters depending on your operating system. In some cases you need to install special Japanese language software on your computer. Here is some configuration information and software that you might want to try.

Even if you don’t have Japanese language software installed, most browsers today can display Japanese characters with the instructions below.

  • For Internet Explorer
  1. Go to "View," and the "Encoding"
  2. Select "Japanese (Auto-Select)"
  • For Netscapte or Firefox
  1. Go to "View," and then "Character Encoding"
  2. Select "Auto-Detect," and then "Japanese"

If re-configuring your browser doesn’t work, have a look through these software options:

You can type in Japanese with non-Japanese software such as English word processing software or English mail software. To learn how to type Japanese, try the link below.

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