1. Education

Japanese Dictionaries

If you are looking to translate from Japanese to English or English to Japanese, try these online dictionaries for a quick reference before hiring a translator. Please check my other links for Japanese translation information.
  1. Cooking Dictionaries (3)
  2. Kanji (6)
  3. Katakana (1)
  4. Martial Arts (1)
  5. Non-English Dictionaries (0)
  6. Religious (1)
  7. Slang (1)
  8. Specialized Dictionaries (4)

Top 3 Japanese Dictionaries
A good dictionary is essential for learning a language.

Top 10 Japanese - English Dictionaries
On-line dictionaries are very handy and the best thing is they are free.

Online Translations
Online translations are not always reliable, but they are free and you can get rough idea of the meaning.

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