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Japanese Quizzes

Learning languages should be fun! These lessons help your studies with fun games and quizzes. They are good for both adults and kids.

Japan Quiz
Here are some quizzes that test your knowledge about Japan and the Japanese language.

Japanese Language Expert Quiz
Here is a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the Japanese language. There are 15 questions and the further you go, the more difficult it gets. Enjoy!

Who Wants to be a Japanese Language Expert?
Ever wonder what "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" might look like if there were only Japanese language questions? Take the quiz and find out how you would do.

Word Search
How many Japanese words can you find in this word search puzzle?

Toy Chest - A Collection of Fun Lessons
Toy Chest (Omocha-bako) is a collection of fun lessons for all ages. There are quizzes, games, manga (comics) and much more to enjoy. Pick up anything you like and play with it!

Kanji Challenge Reading Quiz
This quiz collects kanji compounds that have special readings.

Nazonazo (1) - Japanese riddles
Nazonazo (1) - Tooru toki niwa shimatte, tooranai toki niwa hiraiteiru mono wa nani?

Nazonazo (2) - Japanese riddles

Nazonazo (3) - Japanese riddles
Taberu mae wa ippon nanoni, tabeowaru to nihon ni naru monotte nani?

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