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Japanese Grammar/Expressions

Japanese verbs, adjectives, particles, pronouns, useful expressions and more.

Useful Japanese Verbs
You will learn basic verbs used in informal situations. You can also listen to audio files to help your pronunciation.

Japanese Verb Conjugations
Learn Basic Japanese verbs and their conjugation.

All About Verbs (1) - Japanese Verb Groups

All About Verbs (2) - Verb Conjugations

All About Verbs (3) - The ~ te Form

Verb Conjugations

All About Adjectives

Personal Pronouns

Counting in Japanese
Each language has different ways of counting objects. Japanese uses counters.


Sentence Ending Particles (1)

Sentence Ending Particles (2)

Specificity of Japanese Verbs

The Extended Use of the Verb "Suru"

Conversation Openers and Fillers

Expressions of Desire

Expressions of Ability

Expressing Uncertainty

Expressing Apologies

Quantity Expressions

Expressing One's Thoughts

Expressing Emotions - Pleasure and Sadness

Expressing Emotions (2): Interjections and Exclamations

Onomatopoeic Expressions

Body Part Expressions: Head

Greetings for Special Occasions (1)

Greetings for Special Occasions (2)

Talking on the Phone

Visiting Someone's Place

Shopping at the Department Store

Japanese for Travelers: Getting Around

Health Problems (1)

Health Problems (2)

Expressions Used in Letters

Loan Words - Gairaigo
The Japanese language has borrowed many words from foreign countries, firstly from China.

Specificity of Japanese Verbs
Some Japanese verbs are more specific when describing actions than English verbs. While there is only one verb used for a certain action in English, there might be several different verbs in Japanese.

Verbs of Change - Naru
There are many verbs that express change in Japanese. The most basic one is, "naru (to become)". The verb "naru" is used in [Noun + ni naru] and [basic Verb + you ni naru].

Expressions of Desire
There are two ways to express desire or wish.

Expressions of Ability
Ability and potential can be expressed by two different ways in Japanese.

The Extended Use of the Verb "Suru"
The verb "suru (to do)" has many extended uses, which occur quite often. Click here to learn how to conjugation the verb "suru".

Celebrating Father's Day in Japanese
Celebrating Father's Day in Japanese

Particle - Bakari
Bakari is a Japanese particle. Learn several different usages of bakari with sample sentences.

Japanese Department Stores
Learn useful expressions for shopping in Japan.

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