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Are you a Japanese anime lover? Have you ever wanted to understand the Japanese in your favorite anime without reading subtitles? These fun lessons will help your Japanese.

If you are an intermediate or advanced student, these sites will help your study. You will also find business Japanese, technology terms and FAQ about the Japanese language etc.

Japanese calligraphy is the art of drawing characters with a brush to express spiritual depth and beauty. Let's look at them!

Do you need to translate Japanese into English? Try these online dictionaries for a quick reference.

Flash Cards
Japanese writing might be hard to memorize. How about trying flash cards? It is fun and effective way to learn kana or kanji. Visual pictures help you to memorize them.

You can read Japanese on your computer! Depending on your operating system, there are various ways to display Japanese characters.

Learning languages should be fun! These lessons help your studies with fun games and quizzes. They are good for both adults and kids.

Hiragana is one of Japanese scripts and represents the sounds of syllables. These 46 characters are the first step in learning Japanese writing.

Homework Help
Do you need some help for your homework? You will find useful information from these pages.

Try a home stay in Japan! You will experience Japanese daily life with your host family. It will be a memorable language and culture exchange.

Japanese Culture
Explore traditinal and modern Japanese culture.

Jobs in Japan
Are you looking for a job opportunity in Japan? You can try finding it before you go or get some useful tips.

Kanji are one of the Japanese scripts. You might think they are hard to learn, but they are very interesting and learning them can be fun!

Katakana are one of the Japanese scripts. They are used for foreign names, places and the names of the foreign origin. The words that are familiar with you can be written in katakana.

Fun stuff to help children learn Japanese.

Have you always wanted to learn Japanese? There are various online Japanese lessons available to help your studies.

Listening/Sound Files
These lessons with sound files and Japanese radio programs will help your pronunciation and comprehension skills.

Macintosh Software
For our esteemed Macintosh users.

Online Forums
News groups, chat rooms, and bulletin boards.

Information regarding life in Japan, and relationships with other countries.

PC Software
A huge list of programs and information (mostly free!)

Pen Pals
Are you looking for a Japanese pen pal? It is a good way to learn and practice the language. You can exchange your language and culture as well. Have fun!

Proficiency Tests
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a test used to measure and certify the Japanese language ability of people whose mother tongue is not Japanese. Assess your Japanese abilities with these standardized tests.

Links to Japanese magazines, papers, and periodicals (most in English).

To read Japanese, you need to know Japanese writing: hiragana, katakana and kanji. After you learn them, try something more advanced.

Romaji is the romanization of Japanese words. With romaji you can read Japanese without learning Japanese writing.

Links to schools and universities where one can study Japanese.

Need something translated, or looking for translation work? There are various services available.

Word Processors
Try your hand at writing in Japanese.

Japanese have three types of writing scripts: hiragana, katakana and kanji. Let's learn about them and write in Japanese.

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