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Kanji for Tattoos - Japanese Language - About.com
Since I receive many requests for Japanese tattoos, especially those written in kanji, I created this page. Even if you are not interested in getting a tattoo, it can ...
How do I put Japanese characters together for a tattoo?
Frequently Asked Question in Japanese language - How do I put Japanese ... looking for kanji characters for a tattoo, click here for the "Kanji for Tattoos" page.
Popular Kanji for Tattoos - Part 1 - Japanese Language - About.com
Learn Japanese - Learn how to write the kanji characters most often used for tattoos.
Japanese Tattoo Images and Designs - Japan Travel - About.com
Tattoos are called irezumi or horimono in Japanese. They are usually considered a symbol of yakuza (Japanese mafia) and are often perceived negatively.
Japanese Tattoos: Choosing a Japanese Script for a Tattoo Video
Choosing a Japanese script for a tattoo can be difficult, especially when trying to decide between the three script styles: Kanji, Katana and Hiragana. Here are ...
Irezumi- The Art of Japanese Tattoos
The Japanese tattoo art of Irezumi is rich with tradition. Irezumi tattoos cover a large portion of the body's surface and the stylistic designs have many traditional  ...
Japanese Tattoos: Writing Your Name in Kanji Video
Before you tattoo your name in Japanese Kanji, do your research and be sure you know what the symbol means. Watch this video from About.com for some tips  ...
Japanese Tattoos: Picking the Right Kanji Style Video
Popular Japanese tattoos use different kanji styles. Learn about the different kanji styles used in tattoo designs to create the best looking tattoo for you.
Popular Kanji for Tattoos - Part 2 - Japanese Language - About.com
Learn Japanese - Learn how to write the kanji characters most often used for tattoos.
Japanese Tattoos: Popular Kanji Characters for Tattoos Video
Kanji characters are popular symbols for tattoo, but be sure you know how the Kanji is correctly translated. Watch this video from About.com for more on Kanji ...
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