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Japanese Culture - Japanese Language - About.com
These free online japanese lessons will show you many Japanese cultural aspects that are ... Our Japanese Language Expert ... Japanese seasonal events.
Japanese Culture Lessons - Japanese Language - About.com
Learn basic Japanese grammar and useful Japanese expressions. ... Japanese Zodiac · The Year of the Snake · The Year ... Animal Sounds. Seasonal Events.
Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival) - Hina-ningyo - Japanese Language
The left was considered superior in the old Japanese court, therefore an elder man known of his wisdom was often ... hinaningyou · japanese seasonal events.
Tanabata Song - Japanese Language - About.com
This week we will learn about the Tanabata Song, from your Japanese guide. ... Tanabata, the Star Festival in Japan, is an event based on a Chinese legend. Two lovers (the stars Altair and ... giongo · japanese seasonal events. By Category.
Symbols of Japanese Summer - yukata, bonodori, hanabi
This week we will look at symbols for the hot Japanese summer - yukata, bonodori and hanabi. ... symbols of japanese summer · japanese seasonal events ...
When Is the Best Season to Go to Japan - Japan Travel - About.com
Here's a guide to what's happening during each season in Japan. ... can be hot and humid in most parts of Japan, summer is a lively season with many events.
Hinamatsuri Song - Japanese Language - About.com
However, since many Japanese live in small houses, royal couple version (with only the Emperor and the ... hinamatsuri song · japanese seasonal events.
Feature Article - Holiday, Events - Japanese Language - About.com
Previous issues of weekly features about holiday, events, from your Japanese Guide. ... from the nursery to the rice paddies at the beginning of the rainy season .
Autumn Leaves in Japan - Momiji - Japanese Language - About.com
In autumn, the leaves on most deciduous Japanese trees change their color to ... "momiji-gari (autumn leaf viewing)", which is regarded as a seasonal event as ...
Koinobori Song - Japanese Language - About.com
This week we will learn about Koinobori Song, from your Japanese guide. ... See More About. koinobori song · kodomonohi · japanese seasonal events ...
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