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Japanese Culture - Japanese Language - About.com
These free online japanese lessons will show you many Japanese cultural aspects that are related to the language. ... Japanese seasonal events. There are  ...
Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival) - Hina-ningyo - Japanese Language
The left was considered superior in the old Japanese court, therefore an elder man known of his wisdom was often ... hinaningyou · japanese seasonal events.
Writing Japanese New Year's Cards (1) - Japanese Language
Learn how to write Japanese New Year's Cards (nengajo) ... Try sending them to surprise your Japanese friends! Nengajo begin ... japanese seasonal events.
The Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words - 2HWeb
Five hundred traditional Japanese season words with authoritative English ... to the whole season--means little; presumably a single haiku reflects the events ...
Japanese Culture Lessons - Japanese Language - About.com
Learn basic Japanese grammar and useful Japanese expressions. ... Japanese Zodiac · The Year of the Snake · The Year ... Animal Sounds. Seasonal Events.
Symbols of Japanese Summer - yukata, bonodori, hanabi
This week we will look at symbols for the hot Japanese summer - yukata, bonodori and hanabi. ... symbols of japanese summer · japanese seasonal events ...
Tanabata Song - Japanese Language - About.com
This week we will learn about the Tanabata Song, from your Japanese guide. ... Tanabata, the Star Festival in Japan, is an event based on a Chinese legend. Two lovers (the stars Altair and ... giongo · japanese seasonal events. By Category.
Koinobori Song - Japanese Language - About.com
This week we will learn about Koinobori Song, from your Japanese guide. ... See More About. koinobori song · kodomonohi · japanese seasonal events ...
Hinamatsuri Song - Japanese Language - About.com
However, since many Japanese live in small houses, royal couple version (with only the Emperor and the ... hinamatsuri song · japanese seasonal events.
When Is the Best Season to Go to Japan - Japan Travel - About.com
Here's a guide to what's happening during each season in Japan. ... can be hot and humid in most parts of Japan, summer is a lively season with many events.
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