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What is Henohenomoheji - Japanese Language - About.com
Let's Learn Hiragana with Japanese Culture. Henohenomoheji. "He, no, he, no, mo, he, ji": With these seven hiragana characters, you can draw a face. The first ...
Let's Learn Hiragana with Japanese Culture (3) - Japanese Language
The hiragana for Henohenomoheji, a face drawn by using hiragana characters. Lesson 34. The hiragana for Horyuji, a Buddhist temple that has the world's ...
How to write face in Japanese - face in Japanese kanji
What is Henohenomoheji - Henohenomoheji in Japanese hiragana and kanji · What is Rusubam - Rusuban in Japanese hiragana and kanji · Japanese Writing  ...

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