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All About Radicals (2)
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All About Radicals (1)
All About Radicals (3)

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Kanji Radicals and Characters
Kanjidic: Kanji Radicals

I hope previous article gave you a basic idea about radicals. If you missed it, click here to learn them.

Radicals express the general nature of the kanji characters. Radicals are roughly divided into seven groups (hen, tsukuri, kanmuri, ashi, tare, nyou, and kamae) by their positions.

hen tsukuri
nyou kamae

The common radicals that take the "hen" position and some sample kanji charactersare shown at "All About Radicals (1)." In this lesson we will take a look at the common radicals that take the "tsukuri" and "kanmuri" position. Click the link to learn all kanji characters associated with each radical.

About Tsukuri

Rittou (sword)

Nobun (folding chair)

Akubi (gap)

Oogai (page)

About Kanmuri

Ukanmuri (crown)

Takekanmuri (bamboo)

Kusakanmuri (grass)

Amekanmuri (rain)

All About Radicals (1), (2), (3)

Where Do I Begin?

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