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Toy Chest

Toy Chest (Omocha-bako) is a collection of fun lessons for all ages. There are quizzes, games, manga (comics) and much more to enjoy. Pick up anything you like and play with it! 

Vol. 1: Word Search

Vol. 2: Kana Scramble

Vol. 3: Which One Doesn't Belong?

Vol. 4: Missing Characters

Vol. 5: Hiragana Crossword

Vol. 6: Who is it?

Vol. 7: Matching Pairs

Vol. 8: Hiragana Shuffle

Vol. 9: Hiragana Word Search

Vol. 10: Japanese Zodiac

Vol. 11: Hiragana Crossword (Fruits & Vegetables)

Vol. 12: Cascading Hiragana

Vol. 13: Animal Shiritori

Where Do I Begin?

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