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Q. How do you express "hearsay"?

A. "~ sou da (~そうだ)" is used to express hearsay (I hear that ~; I heard that ~; People say that ~). It is attached to the plain form of the verb or adjective.  It is used when the speaker makes a general report regarding what he/she heard. When using this expression, you are not giving any personal intention. To make it polite, "~ sou desu" is used instead of "~ sou da".

Kono eiga wa totemo ii sou da.
I heard that this movie is very good.
Kino yuki ga futta sou desu. 
I heard it snowed yesterday. 
Kare wa shigoto o 
yameta sou desu.
I heard that he quit his job. 
Kanojo wa bengoshi da sou da.
I heard that she is a lawyer.

Information sources are expressed by "~ ni yoru to (according to ~)".

Tenki-yohou ni yoru to 
ashita ame ga furu sou desu.
According to the weather forecast, 
it will rain tomorrow.

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