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Q. Are there any other meanings for "chotto" beside "a little"?

A. "Chotto (ちょっと)" can be used in several different situations.

(1) A little

Yuki ga chotto furimashita.
It snowed a little.
Kono tokei wa chotto takai desu ne. 
This watch is a little expensive, isn't it?

(2) For a moment

Chotto omachi kudasai.  
Wait a moment, please.
Nihon ni chotto sunde imashita. 
I have lived in Japan for a while.

"Sukoshi (少し)" can replace "chotto (ちょっと)" in the above cases. "Sukoshi" sounds more formal than "chotto".

(3) Excuse me! Hey! (to get the attention of someone)

Chotto! wasuremono! (informal) 
ちょっと。 忘れ物。
Hey! You left behind this.

(4) As a softener, when making a request to add the meaning of "just"

Chotto mite mo ii desu ka. 
Can I just look?
Chotto sore o totte kudasai. 
Could you just pass me that?

(5) To avoid direct criticism. 

Kono kutsu dou omou.
Un, chotto ne ...
うん、ちょっとね ...
What do you think about these shoes?
Hmm, it's a little ...

In this case it is said quite slowly with a falling intonation. This is a very convenient expression as it is used when people want to turn someone down or negate something without being direct about it. 

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