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Question of the Week 
Archives (1)

Following is the complete list of my question of the week. If you have any questions, please email me.

Vol. 1
Q. What is "kedo" in a Japanese sentence?

Vol. 2
Q. Why hiragana "wa" is sometimes written as hiragana "ha"?

Vol. 3
Q. What does "~tekita" mean? 

Vol. 4
Q. Can I survive in Japan without knowing Japanese writing?

Vol. 5
Q. When do you use "Sumimasen" as "Thank you"?

Vol. 6
Q. When do you use "Sumimasen" as "I am sorry"?

Vol. 7
Q. Are there any unlucky numbers in Japan?

Vol. 8
Q. Can I use "ee" instead of "hai"?

Vol. 9
Q. Does all Japanese names have meaning?

Vol. 10
Q. What does "bonyari" mean?

Vol. 11
Q. What is the difference between "Arigatou gozaimasu" and "Arigatou gozaimashita"?

Vol. 12
Q. Which do you commonly use to write Japanese: vertical or horizontal writing?

Vol. 13
Q. How do you pronounce the Japanese "r"?

Vol. 14
Q. What is the difference between the verb "aru" and "motsu," since both are translated as "to have" in English?

Vol. 15
Q. What is the difference between "kudasai" and "onegaishimasu"?

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