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Phrase of the Day - September

Following is the list of my phrase of the day lessons. If you have any questions, please email me. Remember these phrases are a "mind exercise".

Sept. 1: Clear the table.

Sept. 2: Wash the dishes.

Sept. 3: Dry the dishes.

Sept. 4: Do the laundry.

Sept. 5: Put the laundry in the dryer.

Sept. 6: Iron the clothes.

Sept. 7
: Vacuum the floor.

Sept. 8: Tidy up the room.

Sept. 9: Mop the floor.

Sept. 10: Clean the yard.

Sept. 11: Mow the lawn.

Sept. 12: Watch a TV drama.

Sept. 13: Take a nap.

Sept. 14: Look for the discount store in the flyer.

Sept. 15: Go shopping.

Sept. 16: Gossip with the next-door neighbor.

Sept. 17: Go pick the kids up.

Sept. 18: Meet my friend at the coffee shop.

Sept. 19: Stand and read in a bookstore.

Sept. 20: Wait in the line at the cashier.

Sept. 21: Rent a video.

Sept. 22: Catch a taxi.

Sept. 23: Walk home.

Sept. 24: Unlock the front door.

Sept. 25: Turn on the lights.

Sept. 26: Take off my tie.

Sept. 27: Hang up my jacket.

Sept. 28: Take off my make up.

Sept. 29: Take a shower.

Sept. 30: Take a bath.

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