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Phrase of the Day - March

Following is the list of my "phrase of the day" lessons. If you have any questions, please email me.

This month's phrases are for watching TV.

March 1: The TV isn't working well.

March 2: It's time to get a new TV.

March 3: I want to get a wide-screen TV for videos.

March 4: Where did I put the remote control?

March 5: I wonder if there's anything good on. 

March 6: Don't keep changing the channel like that.

March 7: Can you just sit and watch the show?

March 8: It's too loud!

March 9: Turn down the volume, please!

March 10: When this drama is over, I have to get going.

March 11: I should record this.  

March 12: This guy's on TV all the time lately.

March 13: Why does she wear all that make-up?

March 14: He's nothing but a pretty face.

March 15: Why is there a commercial here?

March 16: They keep showing that same commercial over and over.

March 17: Why does such a product sell well?

March 18: Who sings this theme song?

March 19: I don't know who this singer is.

March 20: They canceled that program because of a hockey game again.

March 21: I'll go to the bathroom when the next commercial comes on.

March 22: I don't like this guy. I'm going to change the channel.

March 23: Why do you like pro wrestling?

March 24: Why do you watch those stupid soap operas?

March 25: These dramas are all so predictable. 

March 26: I'm sure he's the one who did it.

March 27: Why do you watch these dramas? They're all the same. 

March 28: I think this is one of the dumbest shows on TV. 

March 29: Come on, It's not that bad.

March 30: I can't stand this anymore!

March 31: If I keep watching so much TV, I'll turn into a zombie.

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