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Phrase of the Day - June 

Following is the list of my phrase of the day lessons. If you have any questions, please email me. Remember these phrases are a "mind exercise".

June 1: Wake up.

June 2: Turn off the alarm clock.

June 3: Turn over in bed.

June 4: Get up.

June 5: Get out of bed.

June 6: Turn on the heater.

June 7: Go to the bathroom.

June 8: Flush the toilet.

June 9: Wash your hands.

June 10: Dry your hands.

June 11: Open the window.

June 12: Wake up my husband / wife.

June 13: Turn on the TV.

June 14: Make the bed.

June 15: Brush my teeth.

June 16: Rinse out my mouth.

June 17: Gargle.

June 18: Shave.

June 19: Wash my face.

June 20: Dry my face.

June 21: Take off my pajamas.

June 22: Put on my shirt.

June 23: Dress my child.

June 24: Comb my hair.

June 25: Boil some water.

June 26: Go get the newspaper.

June 27: Read the newspaper.

June 28: Make my lunch.

June 29: Grind the coffee beans.

June 30: Make Coffee.

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