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Phrase of the Day - July

The following is a list of my phrase of the day lessons. If you have any questions, please email me. Remember these phrases are simple mind exercises.

July 1: Get the milk out of the fridge.

July 2: Drink the milk.

July 3: Put on some lotion.

July 4: Put make up on.

July 5: Put on a tie.

July 6: See my husband off.

July 7: Feed the dog.

July 8: Water the plants.

July 9: Check the lock.

July 10: Turn off the light.

July 11: Put on my shoes.

July 12: Close the door.

July 13: Take out the garbage.

July 14: Cross at the cross walk.

July 15: Wait for the light to change.

July 16: Cross against the light.

July 17: Show my train pass at the ticket wicket.

July 18: Climb up the stairs in the station.

July 19: Wait for the train.

July 20: Get on the train.

July 21: Buy a newspaper at the newsstand.

July 22: Doze off on the train.

July 23: Hang on to the strap.

July 24: Bump into someone.

July 25: Get pushed by someone.

July 26: Step on someone's foot.

July 27: Change trains.

July 28: Run onto the train.

July 29: Go out through the ticket wicket.

July 30: Get on the elevator.

July 31: Push the elevator button.

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