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Phrase of the Day - January

Following is the list of my "phrase of the day" lessons. If you have any questions, please email me.

Jan. 1: Happy New Year!

Jan. 2: Did you make a New Year's resolution?  

Jan. 3: I am going to stop smoking this year!

Jan. 4: It seems like I have same resolutions every year.

Jan. 5: Easier said than done.

Jan. 6: What was your first dream of the new year?

Jan. 7: Here's to happiness during the New Year.

Jan. 8: I wish I could meet someone nice this year.

Jan. 9: I wish I could win the lottery.

Jan. 10: I wish I could lose weight.

Jan. 11: I wish to be able to speak Japanese. 

Jan. 12: You have too many wishes!

Jan. 13: The best thing about New Year's is being able to drink a lot of sake.

Jan. 14: It is bad for your health to drink too much.

Jan. 15: I won't take care of you if you have a hangover.

Jan. 16:  I'm going to really drink tonight!

Jan. 17: Remember what happened last year?

Jan. 18: You passed out! 

Jan. 19: Don't do anything foolish.

Jan. 20: I can't help it!

Jan. 21: Let's have fun tonight.

Jan. 22: All these parties are killing me.

Jan. 23: You should take some antacid pills. 

Jan. 24: We should stop here tonight.

Jan. 25: This looks delicious!

Jan. 26: This is my favorite dish. 

Jan. 27: Have some more? 

Jan. 28: I've had enough. 

Jan. 29: I ate too much again over the New Year's holidays. 

Jan. 30: These pants are a little too tight. 

Jan. 31: Oh, no! I gained five kilos. 

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