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Phrase of the Day - February

Following is the list of my "phrase of the day" lessons. If you have any questions, please email me.

This month's phrases are for skiing. Whether you ski or not, this is a mind exercise. Have a fun!

Feb. 1:  I haven't skied for a long time. 

Feb. 2: These rental ski boots are a little small for me. 

Feb. 3: Try on another pair.  

Feb. 4: I hope I don't fall and break my leg.

Feb. 5: I should start at the bunny hill. 

Feb. 6: Are all these people waiting for the lift? 

Feb. 7: Don't cut in!  

Feb. 8: It took me thirty minutes to take the lift. 

Feb. 9: How high are we going? 

Feb. 10: I am getting afraid. 

Feb. 11: Help! I can't stop! 

Feb. 12: Tell me how to stop! 

Feb. 13: I'm going to crash! 

Feb. 14: Don't fall right in front of me! 

Feb. 15: He/She fell again. 

Feb. 16: I fell down too many times, and my rear end hurts. 

Feb. 17: I can't stand up! 

Feb. 18: Could you help me up?  

Feb. 19: You look like a good skier with that outfit on. 

Feb. 20: Why do the local kids ski so well? 

Feb. 21: You are a great skier. 

Feb. 22: I wish I could ski like that.

Feb. 23: The snow's really coming down.

Feb. 24: I'm going back to the lodge.

Feb. 25: It's fun skiing at night.

Feb. 26: You can't be too careful when skiing at night.

Feb. 27: I can't understand why so many people love skiing.

Feb. 28: Once you try skiing, you're hooked.

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