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Phrase of the Day - August

Following is the list of my phrase of the day lessons. If you have any questions, please email me. Remember these phrases are a "mind exercise".

August 1: Punch my time card.

August 2: Take my seat.

August 3: Light a cigarette.

August 4: Smoke.

August 5: Put out my cigarette.

August 6: Look for some documents.

August 7: Go though the documents.

August 8: Make a call.

August 9: Answer the phone.

August 10: Take a note.

August 11: Hang up the phone.

August 12: Give someone a message.

August 13: Input the text into the word processor.

August 14: Work with a calculator.

August 15: Hand in the documents.

August 16: Organize my material.

August 17: Make some copies.

August 18: Send a document on the fax.

August 19: Attend a meeting.

August 20: Speak at the meeting.

August 21: Take notes at the meeting.

August 22: Open my drawer.

August 23: Open a letter.

August 24: Write a letter and send it.

August 25: Meet a client. 

August 26: Exchange business cards.

August 27: Go out for lunch.

August 28: Pay the bill. 

August 29: Receive the change.

August 30: Get a receipt. 

August 31: Write up an invoice.

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