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Phrase of the Day - April

Following is the list of my "phrase of the day" lessons. If you have any questions, please email me.

This month's phrases are for working at the office.

April 1: Another day of work.

April 2: Well, let's get to it.

April 3: The deadline is in two days.

April 4: I could use some coffee before I start.

April 5: There's the phone.

April 6: Can somebody get it?

April 7: I'm not here if it's from Ken.

April 8: The boss got mad at me.

April 9: I have too many things to do.

April 10: My shoulders get so stiff I can't stand it.

April 11: I've been standing all day. My legs ache.

April 12: I need to get more exercise.

April 13: It seems I've lost all my data.

April 14: This system is too complicated for me.

April 15: Don't worry. You'll get it down in no time.

April 16: My eyes are tired. I've been looking at this screen too long.

April 17: Hooray! It's finally lunchtime.

April 18: I'm full. That big lunch made me sleepy.

April 19: They always give me things to do at the last minute.

April 20: It'd be nice to go home early once in a while.

April 21: The stress just keeps building up.

April 22: The manager has a personality problem, doesn't he?

April 23: He's inconsiderate.

April 24: He doesn't care about other people.

April 25: Why do I get blamed?

April 26: It's not my fault.

April 27: It's no use complaining.

April 28: Give me a break.

April 29: This job never ends.

April 30: I guess I can go when I finish this.

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