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Basic Lessons

Asking Directions (12)


Click here for the dialogue for "Asking Directions."

This is the last lesson for Asking Directions. Here are the exercises from this lesson.


I. Fill in the blanks with the correct particles.

(1) Kore ___ anata ___ boushi desu ___. (This is your hat, isn't it?)
(2) Tokyo eki ___ doko ___ arimasu ___. (Where is Tokyo Station?)
(3) Kaze o hiita ___ gakkou ___ ikimasen deshita. (Since I had a cold, I didn't go to school.)
(4) Isu ___ ue ___ neko ___ imasu. (There is a cat on the chair.)

II. Choose the correct word.

(1) (Kore/Kono) wa watashi no tokei desu.
(2) (Dore/Dono) eiga o mimashita ka.
(3) (Kore/Kono) hon wa omoshiroi desu.
(4) (Sore/Sono) o misete kudasai.
(5) (Are/Ano) wa nan desu ka. 

III. Fill in the blanks with "arimasu" or "imasu."

(1) Denwa wa doko ni _____ ka.
(2) Kouen ni otoko no ko ga _____.
(3) Toshokan wa ano biru no tonari ni _____.
(4) Dare ga _____ ka.

IV. Fill in the blanks according to the English equivalents. 

(1) Eki no ___ ni posuto ga arimasu. (There is a mail box in front of the station.)
(2) Honya wa ginkou no ___ desu. (The book store is next to the bank.)
(3) Kuruma no ___ ni inu ga imasu. (There is a dog in the car.)

V. Translate into Japanese. 

(1) Because it was nice weather, I went for a walk.
(2) It takes about five minutes.
(3) There is a park near the school.
(4) Excuse me!
(5) Please say it again. 
(6) You are Mr. Ito, aren't you?

Click here for the answers.

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