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Learn Hiragana Pronunciation with Audio Files

The following tables contains the 46 basic sounds found in Japanese. Click the link to listen the pronunciation of each hiragana character. To learn how to write them, check out the, How to Write Hiragana page. If you want to learn more about Hiragana, have a look at my lessons, which will teach you each character and the correct stroke order. Learning the stroke or is a great way to remember how to draw each character.

(a) (i) (u) (e) (o)
(ka) (ki) (ku) (ke) (ko)
(sa) (shi) (su) (se) (so)
(ta) (chi) (tsu) (te) (to)
(na) (ni) (nu) (ne) (no)
(ha) (hi) (fu) (he) (ho)
(ma) (mi) (mu) (me) (mo)
(ya)   (yu)   (yo)
(ra) (ri) (ru) (re) (ro)
(wa)       (o)

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