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Let's Learn Hiragana with Japanese Culture (4)  

Following is the complete list of my free online hiragana culture lessons. There are also sound files to help your pronunciation. If you have any questions, please email me.

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Lesson 37
The hiragana for Manzai, stand-up comedy that is usually performed by two comedians.

Lesson 38
The hiragana for Mikoshi, a portable shrine for Japanese festivals. 

Lesson 39
The hiragana for Murasaki Shikibu, one of the greatest Japanese writers.

Lesson 40
The hiragana for Meishi, business cards that are essential in Japanese business.

Lesson 41
The hiragana for Momotaro, one of the best-known Japanese folk tales.

Lesson 42
The hiragana for Yakudoshi, a Japanese belief about one's years of calamity.

Lesson 43
The hiragana for Yukata, an informal, unlined kimono made of cotton.

Lesson 44
The hiragana for Yokozuna, the highest rank for sumo wrestlers.

Lesson 45
The hiragana for Rakugo, comic storytelling, mainly in the form of dialogues.

Lesson 46
The hiragana for Ryokan, traditional Japanese-style inns.

Lesson 47
The hiragana for Rusuban, staying at home and taking care of the house during one's absence.

Lesson 48
The hiragana for Renga, linked-verse poetry.

Lesson 49
The hiragana for Ronin, a masterless samurai.

Lesson 50
The hiragana for Washi, traditional Japanese paper.

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