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Kimono is a generic term of traditional Japanese clothing as opposed to western clothing (youfuku). For the most part, the Japanese wear western clothing in daily activities. Kimono are generally worn for such occasions as special ceremonies, parties and New Year's holidays.

There are several kinds of ceremonial kimono. By far the most gorgeous is uchikake, a long over garment worn by the bride in a wedding ceremony. The silk fabric is embroidered with gold and silver threads, most commonly in patterns of flowers or birds. The prime ceremonial kimono for unmarried women is furisode, (long-sleeved kimono); its sleeves are longer than a regular kimono. The prime ceremonial kimono for married women are kuro-tomesode (black fixed-sleeved kimono); it has five family crests. There are ceremonial kimono that make no distinction between married and unmarried women.

Men wear haori-hakama (Japanese half-coat and pleated loose-fitting trousers) which make no distinction between being married and unmarried. It is standard to fasten the obi (sash) over the kimono. Tabi (Japanese socks) and zouri (Japanese sandals) are worn when going out.

Yukata, which is made of cotton, is a kind of kimono. It is worn in summer or as pajamas offered at Japanese style inns (ryokan). It is considered very casual , therefore they are not supposed to be worn on formal occasion.

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