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Sadou, also called "chadou" or "cha no yu," is the traditional etiquette of preparing and drinking tea. The tea ceremony was perfected by Sen no Rikyu in the Azuchi-Momoyma period (1576-1600). 

Traditionally, the tea ceremony is held outside or in a chashitsu (a small room set apart from other buildings). One of the most fundamental elements is that the host follows various rules in every procedure of the tea ceremony. In the serving of tea (temae), the host puts "maccha (powdered tea leaves)" into a tea cup and adds hot water. It is whipped with "chasen (a bamboo whisk)" until it gets foamy, and is then served.

Another important element is a shared sense of communication between the host and the guests through the ceremony. The host prepares with deep sincerity everything from tea utensils, a hanging scroll, flowers, a vase and other amenities to go with the environment. From such activities, the guest feels the host's warm hospitality and is filled with gratitude. 

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