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Japanese For Beginners

This is the page for beginners or people who need a quick reference. 


Hiragana - Learn how to write hiragana.

Katakana - Learn how to write katakana.

Kanji - Get an idea about kanji and learn some of basic kanji.

Audio Phrasebook - Basic Japanese vocabulary and expressions are used in daily conversations.

Grammar/Expressions - Verbs, adjectives, particles, pronouns, useful expressions and more.

Introductory Japanese - If you are new to Japanese, start here!

Simple Japanese Phrases - Try these simple phrases whenever you have a chance.

More Japanese Lessons - Check out the various Japanese lessons.

Basic Skills: Listening,  Reading,  Writing

More Japanese

Feature Articles - A variety of articles about the Japanese language and culture. Updated weekly. 

Language Polls - Fun polls about the Japanese language. Vote for your favorite!

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