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Namiko Abe

Email Your Japanese Language Guide

By Namiko Abe

    Like all the Guides at About.com, I'm a real person. You can email me at japanese@aboutguide.com with your questions, comments, suggestions or just to say hello! I am happy to answer your questions when I can.
    How do I use this site?
    The Japanese language site is designed to help you learn Japanese by offering lessons and hundreds of links to Japanese language information. If you are new to this site or don't know where to start, try Where Do I Begin page.
    How do I write my name in Japanese?
    Please go to Kanji for Tattoos page. It will help you to find out how to write your name in Japanese or the words you want to know in kanji.
    How can I display Japanese characters on a computer?
    Depending on your operating system, there are various ways to display Japanese characters. Try my Displaying Japanese Characters page.
    Do you translate Japanese?
    I try to stay away translations. Please check my Translations links first before sending me a request. I will no longer be able to accept emailed images due to a virus incident. If you have an image you would like me to view please post it on a web site and send me the URL. If you have had no luck with a small translation I may be able to help (please allow up to a week for response).
    What is "Japanese Language Newsletter"?
    About Japanese Newsletter is a free weekly newsletter. It includes latest feature and lessons and links with the Japanese Language site. To subscribe, click here.
    How do I suggest to add a link?
    Please send me the URL. I will check it and decide if it is useful for our viewers. I always welcome good new links about the Japanese language.

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