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Verb Conjugations Archives

Click the link below to learn various conjugations of each verb.

If you are not familiar with Japanese verbs, click here for the lesson about verb groups and conjugation rules. To listen the pronunciation, click here

Group 1
aruku (to walk) 歩く asobu (to play) 遊ぶ
au (to meet) 会う hairu (to enter) 入る
hajimaru (to begin) 始まる iku (to go) 行く
kaeru (to return) 帰る kakaru (to take) かかる
kaku (to write) 書く kau (to buy) 買う
kiku (to listen) 聞く matsu (to wait) 待つ
motsu (to have) 持つ narau (to learn) 習う
nomu (to drink) 飲む okuru (to send) 送る
omou (to think) 思う oyogu (to swim) 泳ぐ
shiru (to know) 知る suwaru (to sit) 座る
tatsu (to stand) 立つ tomaru (to stop) 止まる
tsuku (to arrive) 着く uru (to sell) 売る
utau (to sing) 歌う wakaru (to understand) 分かる
warau (to laugh) 笑う yomu (to read) 読む

kangaeru (to think) 考える miru (to see, to look) 見る
neru (to sleep) 寝る oshieru (to teach) 教える
taberu (to eat) 食べる

Group 3
kuru (to come) 来る suru (to do) する

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