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Introductory Japanese

Following is the complete list of my Introductory Japanese lessons. If you have any questions, please email me.

Lesson 1
Basics of Japanese pronunciation.

Lesson 2
Basic characteristics of Japanese grammar. We will look at nouns and verbs, and how they pertain to gender and numbers.

Lesson 3
You will be introduced to the three Japanese writing systems; hiragana, katakana, and kanji. 

Lesson 4
You will learn some vocabulary related Japanese education system.  

Lesson 5
With Romaji, one can read Japanese without knowing any Japanese writing system.

Lesson 6
Do you still think Japanese is a difficult language to learn? I would say "No!" Of course, it is a little hard to master all of the Japanese writing, systems, but speaking it is not as hard as you think. Follow the link for more information.

Lesson 7
English is a subject - verb - object - language (so are French, Spanish etc.) Japanese is a subject - object - verb language (so are Korean, Turkish, etc.) This lesson will focus on word order in Japanese sentences.

Lesson 8
Greetings and Daily Expressions. This week we are going to take a little break from grammatical matters. 

Lesson 9
This week we will look at some simple, but very useful expressions such as "excuse me," "thank you," "I'm sorry" and "pardon me."

Lesson 10
This lesson will look at the basics of first introductions. We will learn how to address others when first meeting them.

Lesson 11
This lesson will look at the basics of first introductions (Part 2). We will learn how to address others when first meeting them.

Lesson 12
This lesson will teach you how to read and ask the time.

Lesson 13
This week focuses on countries and nationalities. You will learn how to express your own nationality, or to ask someone else's.

Lesson 14
This lesson will teach you  how to shop in Japan.

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