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Word of the Day: Buji

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Today's word is "buji (safety; security; peace; quietness)". It is written with a two kanji characters "bu" and "ji".

*Buji Oosaka eki ni tsuita.  無事大阪駅に着いた。 --- I arrived at Osaka Station safely.
*Kazoku ichidou bujini kurashiteimasu.  家族一同無事に暮らしています。 --- Everyone in my family is getting along well.
*Sono hi wa bujini sugita. その日は無事に過ぎた。 --- The day passed without incident.

Word of the Day: Hade

Thursday May 15, 2014

Today's word is "hade (showiness; flashiness; gaudiness)". It is written with a two kanji characters "ha" and "de".

*Kono fuku wa watashi niwa hadesugimasu.  この服は私には派手過ぎます。 --- This dress is too loud for me.
*Kaijou wa hadena kazaritsuke ga shiteatta. 会場は派手な飾り付けがしてあった。 --- The hall was gaudily decorated.
*Sono ko wa hadeni nakidashita. その子は派手に泣き出した。 --- The child began to wail loudly.

Nazonazo of the Day

Thursday May 15, 2014

Let's try solving today's nazonazo (Japanese riddles)!

Itsumo shuuri ga hitsuyouna choumiryou to wa nani?


Word of the Day: Nebaru

Sunday May 11, 2014

Today's word is "nebaru (to be sticky; to be greasy; to persevere; to stick; to persist; to stay long)".

*Gamu ga kutsu no ura ni nebaritsuiteiru.  ガムが靴の裏にに粘りついている。 --- A piece of chewing gum is stuck to the sole of my shoe.
*Nebari ni nebatte tsuini gyakutenshita. 粘りに粘って遂に逆転した。 --- We persevered in adversity and managed to win at last.
*Koohii ippaide nijikan nebatta. コーヒー1杯で2時間粘った。 --- He stayed for two hours over one cup of coffee.

Word of the Day: Nagusameru

Saturday May 10, 2014

Today's word is "nagusameru (to comfort; to console; to cheer up)".

*Utsukushii keshiki o miteiru to kokoro ga nagusamerareu.  美しい景色を見ていると心が慰められる。 --- Looking at beautiful scenery is a consolation to me.
*Chichi o nakushita tomodachi o nagusameta. 父を亡くした友だちを慰めた。 --- We cheered up a friend who had lost her father.

How to Say Mother in Japanese

Wednesday May 7, 2014

May 11th is Mother's Day (Haha no hi). The Japanese word for mother is "haha". "Hi" means, "day". Learn the Japanese kanji character for "mother", with step-by-step kanji stroke order. There is no equivalent for "Happy Mother's Day" in Japanese. The phrase, "Okaasan Arigatou (Thank you, Mom)" is commonly used. Click here to learn more Japanese family vocabulary.

Word of the Day: Sukkari

Tuesday May 6, 2014

Today's word is "sukkari (all; utterly; quite; entirely; completely; perfectly)". It is written in hiragana.

*Sukkari kibun ga yokunatta.  すっかり気分がよくなった。 --- I have completely recovered.
*Sukkari yoru ga aketa. すっかり夜が明けた。 --- It is broad daylight now.
*Sukkari gobusata shimashita.  すっかりごぶさたしました。 --- I'm sorry I haven't written to you for such a long time.

Word of the Day: Jissai

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Today's word is "jissai (the truth; a fact; reality; actuality; practice)". It is written with a combination of two kanji characters "jitsu" and "sai".

*Jissai ni atta koto da.  実際にあったことだ。 --- It actually happened.
*Kanojo wa shashin yori jissai no hou ga utsukushii. 彼女は写真より実際のほうが美しい。 --- She is prettier than her picture.
*Kare wa kawarimono da to hyouban daga jissai sou da.  彼は変わり者だと評判だが実際そうだ。 --- He is said to be eccentric and he really is.

Nazonazo of the Day

Sunday April 20, 2014

Let's try solving today's nazonazo (Japanese riddles)!

Tooru toki niwa shimatte, tooranai toki niwa hiraiteiru mono wa nani?


How to say Easter in Japanese

Wednesday April 16, 2014

The Japanese word for Easter is "fukkatsusai (復活祭)" or "iisutaa (イースター)". "Fukkatsusai" is written with a combination of three kanji characters "fuku", "katsu" and "sai". "Fukkatsu" means "revival" and "sai" means "festival".

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