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Japanese Baby Names

Learn about naming conventions and the meanings of Japanese names. Inside are links to explore thousands of Japanese baby names.

Japanese Language Spotlight10

Haruki Murakami at Edinburgh International Book Festival

The renowned Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, recently had an open talk session at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The event was held to commemorate the release of the English translation this month of his novel, “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage.”

Catching Goldfish – Kingyo Sukui

Learn about Catching Goldfish (Kingyo Sukui), which is a popular activity at summer festivals in Japan.

Working Mothers in Japan and France

Learn from a column about working mothers in Japan and France from "Yoroku" by Mainichi Shinbun.

Soumen – The Best Summer Food In Japan

When I go back to Japan, I always enjoy special foods that I haven't had in a while, but this time the best food that I tasted was the very basic dish of soumen (thin wheat flour noodles).

Esgata Nyoubou - Learn from a Story

Stories are a fun resource to help learn a language. I will introduce the story, "Esugata Nyoubou".

Relatives of 1985 Japan Airlines plane crash victims mark 29th anniversary

Relatives of those who perished in a Japan Airlines plane crash that left 520 people dead hiked to the Osutaka Ridge in the Gunma Prefecture village of Ueno on Aug. 12 bearing flowers to mark the 29th anniversary of the tragedy.

Barley Tea – Mugicha

Barley Tea (Mugicha) is often served cold and is a refreshing summer drink in Japan.

Danjo byoudou - Gender Equality

Learn from a column about gender equality (danjo byoudou) from "Tensei Jingo" by Asahi Shinbun.

Symbols of Japanese Summer

Japanese summer is hot and humid. Let's look at the symbols for the hot Japanese summer.

Hiroshi Sakurazaka shows his approval of "All You Need Is Kill"

"Edge of Tomorrow," which stars Tom Cruise is based on the novel "All You Need Is Kill" by award-winning author Hiroshi Sakurazaka. How did he look at the film "All You Need Is Kill"?

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